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RoguePaladin updated his profile status

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RoguePaladin said...

Hey all, it's AthenRahl; I am deleting my old profile and moving to this one, just an FYI.

Previously, on 26/MAR/13, RoguePaladin said...

Just joined gamerDNA!

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For why?
@TamaraLane Because whenever I enter new phases in my life, I change my online nickname and personae to reflect those changes. Since GamerDNA won't let me change my profile name, it's just easier to start a hole new profile. That, and I had a ton of people I ended up following that really had nothing in common with me and I'm too busy to sift through over 100 profiles to check which ones to keep and which ones to drop.

Speaking of, GamerDNA needs to add an option for nudging posts which lets us just nudge the people we follow that also follow us, rather than just the random first 50 followers that the system lists.
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